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Вы не против если я вам больше информации про книги добавлю?--Atributz 12:06, 31 мая 2013 (UTC)

Переводите, дополняйте, исправляйте, я не против. --Kailo 12:48, 31 мая 2013 (UTC)
Если вы не против исправлений, то я сделал ма-а-аленькое исправление в книгах. Но если вы против то я откачу все назад, ничего не портил, не стирал! И... у вас классная статья, прочитав ее до конца, у меня появилось желание опробовать GregTech мод, хотя я и с Industrial'ом-то до конца не разобрался. --DimaD 23:51, 20 июля 2013 (UTC)

Вроде тексты книг хранятся в /gregtechmod/GT_mod.class но там около 60 тысяч строк с комментариями и поисковик по ним не работает. --Kailo 17:16, 31 мая 2013 (UTC)

Какой ещё поисковик? Вы про что?--Atributz 17:09, 31 мая 2013 (UTC)
Открыл через Java Decompiler поиск по всем файлам ссылается на /gregtechmod/GT_mod.class Но поиск в самом файле не даёт результатов. Ещё открыл через Notepad++ нашёл на 917ой строчке. Но там текст разбит на куски и неудобно копировать. --Kailo 17:16, 31 мая 2013 (UTC)
Если правильно понял то он просто не может правильно открыть файл. --Kailo 17:28, 31 мая 2013 (UTC)
Да текст там я тоже нашёл. Просто декомпилятор воспринимает его как команды и достать текст оттуда проблематично.--Atributz 17:35, 31 мая 2013 (UTC)
Попробую спросить тексты у создателя мода.

В ноутпад++ спецсимволы удаляешь заменой и нормально текст вытаскивается

GregTech Manual I
Gregorius Techneticies
So, this is probably your first time using a Product of GregTech Intergalactical, so you might ask yourself where to begin with? This World is very complex, and you may want to aquire a few basic Resources first.
You need many Resources to start with, as there are: Wood, Sticky Resin or Slimeballs, Sand, Silk, Food, Iron, Copper, Tin, Flint, Redstone, Coal (or another good Fuel for the Oven) and a bunch of Cobblestones would also be very useful.
All Resources aquired? Good, then cook your Ores, Food and Slimeballs in your Stone Oven, and build a Bed so that you can rest. Then you might need a Mortar for the production of Bronze Dust. Bronze is much better than wasting Iron.
So, now that you have a set of Tools, you can begin to make an Iron Oven out of your old Stone Oven. And then you can begin to produce Refined Iron, by smelting Iron Ingots again. Also smelt a few clumps of Sticky Resin into Rubber.
Congratulations, you now have all you need for your first Machine, the Extractor. With it, you can get more Rubber from Resin. But you need to power it, so craft yourself a Generator out of your old Iron Furnace.
So, now that you can electrically extract Rubber, you might want to smelt your Stuff using electric Energy, so just build an electric Furnace out of another Iron Furnace. For the next task you need at least one Compressor.
All the Machines we made until now were very basic and not really efficient. That is because you cant just smash a few Ingots together to get properly working Machines. You need Plates. And for Plates we need a Plate Bending Machine.
To make Plate Bending Machines, you need Pistons, Compressors and Conveyor Modules. With this Machine you can now properly flatten all Ingots into the Plates. Those Plates are the core Component for all GregTech Machines.
You might have found enough Diamonds for a first Macerator during any of these Steps. If not then, you might want to search for them as they are definetly needed for progressing further.

GregTech Manual II
You have your Basic Workshop and want to do amazing things with it? You wan't to build your first Fusion Reactor? Well, this is the wrong Book for that, but we are working on it. Before that we definetly need better ways of making Circuitry.
The Assembling Machine is perfectly suited for that. It can create Circuitry much cheaper than a normal Steve could do. If you don't have the needed Materials then go mining, and come back when you have crafted the Assembling Machine.
This Device cuts down your Copper Cable Costs and gives you the possibility to use more advanced Materials for Circuitry. The Assembler might need some time for that, but it's the quality which counts. Well, and you get more quantity.
You got it? Now build a Wiremill to make more Cables from Copper than you usually do by handcrafting. This increases your efficiency in producing Machines extremly. And people still complain about being too expensive...
And now we can go to some of the advanced Functions of these Devices. They can automatically output their Content to adjacent Inventories, but not only that, they can also output their contained Energy to adjacent Machines!
you just need to wrench the output Facing into the correct direction, and keep the first two Buttons inside the GUI enabled. You can also upgrade Macerator, Extractor, Compressor and E-Furnace, using a Conveyor Module to get these abilities.
Now we go for the Alloy Smelter. Have you been tired of macerating, crafting and smelting Metals to get Alloys? This Machine is the perfect way to get Alloys in just one step! Just put your Ingots into it, and it will smelt them together.
The Printing Factory, is a perfect Way of printing your Papers. This Book was printed using such a Machine. It can not only copy Books or create Maps, it can also make Paper from Reeds or Wood Pulp, and is also capable of Coloring your Wool!
Also interessting are Industrial Electrolyzer and Industrial Centrifuge. They are capable of seperating the components of several Dusts or Liquids. The Centrifuge can work with pumped Lava to produce several nice Metals from it.

GregTech Machine Safety
As you probably know, every electric Machine can be quite fragile under certain circumstances. This Manual explains why your Machines could explode or burn down your Workshop, and how to prevent it.
1. Do not use a Pickaxe or something else, what is not a Wrench, to dismantle an electric Machine. This will cause either an Explosion or a just broken Machine if you are very lucky.
2. Keep your Machines away from any explosives! Every electric Machine will cause a chain reaction of Explosions when being broken like that.
3. Keep your Machines away from Fire. The are inflammable and will explode, if exposed too long to adjacent Fires.
4. Do not place your Machines outside. They must have a Roof or Rain and Thunder Storms will set them on Fire. A Cover ontop of an electric Machine is sufficient to prevent that, so your Solar Panels are automatically safe.
5. Make sure, that the Maximum Input Voltage of a Machine is not exceeded. That will cause an immidiate Explosion.
6. Do not let your Machines explode. If that happens, the Machine will overcharge the adjacent Wiring, what will cause all connected Machines to explode, unless they can receive 8192EU/p.

Cover up!
Have you ever wondered how the Cover System works? This Book is about how to Cover your Machines up properly. But what does a Cover do, except fancy looking? And how to install Covers? And what If you want to remove the Cover?
Usually every regular Plate like Advanced Alloy, Refined Iron or Bronze Plates can be used as Cover. Even Covers of other Companies can be supported as well. To place a Cover, just get one and rightclick the Machine with it.
Covers can do many things such as impoving Machines (see Upgrade Dictionary for Details), but their main purpose is preventing interactions between adjacent Blocks.
To remove a Cover, you need a Blue Crowbar or something similar, like a Red Crowbar for example. Just use the Crowbar on it, to get it back. If you want to adjust Upgrade Covers, you need a Screwdriver. Just screw around until you are set.
If you are low on Materials, but really need a Cover, then just take your Screwdriver and unscrew the outer hull of the Machine, turn it around, screw it back on and viola, you got a Cover for free.

Greg-OS Manual I
Redstone Circuits are the main Component of a well running Base. The GregTech Redstone Circuit Block is ideal for processing Logic. It can compute everything! From a simple and consistent Timer to the Combo Lock on your Door!
It has a very simple interface. You just need to push as few Buttons, and you are good to go. Just don't forget to push the Start-Button right under the Energy Flow Button, after you adjusted your Configuration.
Every Redstone Circuit has a diffrent Energy consumption. Yes, running this Device needs Energy, as indicated by the small blinking Lightning Bolt on the Screen. The needed Energy is just one Energy Unit per outputted Redstone Pulse.
To switch between diffrent Redstone Circuits, just push the Button under the start Button. It looks like two sidewards pointing Arrows. The Lightning Bolt Button causes the Machine to output its Energy to the Block on its output Side.
The four Buttons on the Left are controlling the System Parameters of the Redstone Circuit. You only need to right/leftclick them to adjust the Value. If you have an ItemStack in your Hand, then it copies a special Value into the selected Parameter.
If you have something like an AND-Gate, and need to limit the Inputs for that, just place a Redstone preventing Cover on that Side. Any Cover will work, but since you need to power the Block from one Side you should use a special Cover for that.
Said special Cover is the Redstone Preventor Cover, which can be attached by clicking twice with a Screwdriver on a Machine. That Cover looks Red and lets everything go through except Redstone Signals.
It is always a good Idea to leave one Meter space between Circuits (that doesnt loose RS Strength), unless you directly connect the Output of a Circuit Block to the Input of another.

Greg-OS Manual II
List of Logic Circuits
Basic Logic, Part I: This contains many simple Logic Gates. The first Six are basic Logic Gates. If you want to block any Inputs from it, then just screw a Redstone Cover on said Side. These Gates take Input from all uncovered Sides.
Basic Logic, Part II: Number Seven does 15 minus strongest Redstone. The following 6 Bit Gates are outputting what the binary Operators do. They take the strongest and the weakest Redstone Signal and compare them. Make sure to cover all unused Sides!
Basic Logic, Part III: The 14th Gate inverts the strongest incoming Restone Signal, using the Bitwise Inversion Operator '~'
BitAND: This is a special hardcoded BitAND. It does what a normal BitAND does and checks if the Output is greater 0, to give a boolean Output. Very useful in combination with the Button Panel.
Combination Lock: You need to apply 1 - 4 Redstone Signals of a certain Strength in a row to let this Pulse once. You can attach a Button Panel to this to get a Lock for your Door.
Pulse Limiter: This is a Pulse Limiter, which outputs one Pulse regardless how long the Input Signal is. Also the output Pulse Length can be configured.
Randomizer: Outputs Random Redstone Signals. The Interval to determine a new Random Number can be configured.
Redstone Meter: This checks if a Signal is larger than the lower boundary and lower than the upper boundary. The Output can be Inverted.
Repeater: This does what a normal Repeater does. It just delays an incoming Redstone Signal.
Timer: This Gate is very useful. It pulses every X Ticks, and unlike it's extremly crappy Counterpart of Redpower it is CONSISTENT. It doesn't just loose its Timing, as soon as someone uses a Bed or Logs out. Also much more things can be configured.

Upgrade Dictionary V3.05g
This Book lists all Items, which can be used as special Upgrade for GregTech Machines. As Books are distributed via Worldgen, this Book can be outdated on older Maps (see Version Number on the Title).
Reactor Vents of any kind can be used to increase the efficiency of all processing Machines. It only works if the Cover is not obstructed by a solid block. All Objects without Collision Box are not obstructing it (Torches, Buttons, Levers etc.)
The Drain can be used to extract Liquid Blocks right in front of it into the Block it is attached to. If it is attached on the top side of the Machine, it is also able to collect Rain Water. It doesnt work pointing downwards for obvious Reasons.
A Solar Panel Cover does what a normal Solar Panel does, it powers the Machine with Solar Energy, when Sun is shining. This works only if the Panel is attached to the upwards pointing face of the Block, as the Sunlight shines straight downwards.
Computer Screens have the spcial ability to make only the GUI (or other rightclick action) of a Block accessible. Anything else gets Blocked. It also looks good, if you want to hide your Machines without having a Crowbar in your hand.
Valves are ideal for transferring Liquids between Machines. They transfer 1 Bucket per tick! The best pipes can only do 80 Millibuckets per tick! If the Machine with the Valve can consume Energy, then it will consume 10EU per Bucket.
Conveyor Modules can transport Items from one Machine to another. Just attach them on the right side and they will pump out Items at 2EU per Item, if the Machine can consume Energy at all.
The Liquid, Item, Energy and Progress Meters, are emitting Redstone depending on the amount of their respective measurement inside the attached Machine. The Energy Meter uses the largest of the 3 Capacities, so it also works for Steam/MJ Machines.
Work Controller Covers are controlling if the Machine is allowed to work or not, depending on injected Redstone. These Covers can be used for almost every Machine, even for the Button Panel, as Key locking Method.
Overclocker Upgrades, as you know them from Industrial Corp, can be used to speed up Progress in GregTech Machines as well, but more efficiently. Every Overclocker doubles the Speed but also quadruples the Energy Costs.
Transformer Upgrades are used to increase th Voltage which is being handled by a Machine in- and output wise. Also, in case of output, it splits the EU-Packets to four. Higher Voltages such as 2048 and 8192EU/p need an HV-Transformer Upgrade.
Battery Upgrades of various kinds are increasing the Energy Storage of a Machine. Some Battery Upgrades, like the Lapotronic Energy Orb Upgrade, require a certain Voltage Tier for the Machine to be attached.
The Pneumatic Generator Upgrade is capable of letting Machines consume Kinetic Energy from Engines, also called MJ (Michael Jacksons). This Upgrade does NOT let you output any of this Energy in form of Electricity!
Redstone Energy Cell Upgrades just let you store more kinetic Energy inside your Machine, if a Pneumatic Generator is installed.
Heating Coils are capable of upgrading the Efficiency of all Furnace alike Devices, including the electric Blast Furnace, when using 4 Coils at once. Note, that you need to install the Coils in a certain order for it to work.
Steam Engine Upgrades, let your Machines work on Steam directly. 2 Steam = 1 EU. Very useful if you have a Boiler running. If there is no Mod with Steam Engine, then you have to use a Gas Turbine in the Assembling Recipe.
Steam Tank Upgrades just increase the amount of Steam the Machine can buffer by 64 Buckets (32000 EU).
Wireless Transmitter and Receiver are sending/receiving Redstone Signals Wireless and cross dimensional. A little warning: Chunk reloading causes it to not be stable for a second. Screwdriver for Frequency change, by clicking on the 4 Screws.
Redstone Signalizers apply a constant Redstone Signal to a Side of a Machine. Signal can be changed via Screwdriver.
Redstone Conductors take the applied Redstone Signal of a Machine and emit it on their Facing.

Crop Dictionary V3.03a
Mr. Kenny
This is a List of all Crops I stumbled upon my tests. Some mutations of them had quite dangerous properties, which almost killed me, so be aware and don't use experimental WeedEx, like I did.
The generic Crops, like Pumpkins, Melons, Wheat, Sugar Canes, Cacti, Carrots, Potatoes, Nether Wart, Roses, Dandelions, Cocoa, Brown Mushooms and Red Mushrooms are not being further described here as they are commonly known.
Weed. The most dangerous Plant. It grows on empty Crop Sticks, which are very likely used for cross breeding. This Plant will spread over to other non-Weed Plants and assimilate them in a bad way. Use WeedEx on empty sticks to protect them.
Warning: Highly advanced Crops (fast growing ones) can behave like Weed but are immune to it as well. So you might want to make sure that your good Plants are seperated from nonresistent Plants.
Hops. A plant primary used to brew Beer. Nothing much to say about it.
Coffee. Well, it grows Coffee Beans, which can then be blended into Coffeee Powder to make Coffee.
Indigo. This Plant is giving you Indigo Blossoms, which can either be used for Blue Dye or Plant Balls. Four of these can also be used to plant new Indigo Plants. They are not Redpower compatible.
Flax. A Plant to give you just Strings. You can easyly get it via cross breeding. It is also not Redpower compatible.
Stick Reed. That Reeds are sticky. Perfect for making Rubber from them.
Terra Wart. It is like edible Milk. It cures all Poisons.
Red Wheat. It's Red, it's Wheat, it drops Redstone Dust.
Trollweed, uhh I mean Ferru. Grows Iron. Yes, real Iron. Only condition for that is having an Iron Ore Block under the tilled Farmland.
Coppon. Cotton Candy, I mean Cotton Copper, is an easy way to get Copper from Plants.
Tine. Name comes from Tin and Pine. This tiny Tree drops Tin Nuggets, yay. Perfect for Tinpinchers.
Plumbilia. This Heavy Metal Plant seems to like Music. It drops very dense Lead Nuggets, instead of the Bass.
Argentia. Silver. Well, at least it's something.
Aurelia. GOLD!!! It looks like trollweed, but instead of Iron it is Gold. Same for the Ore Block under it.
Oil Berries. These Vine alike Crops are dropping Oil Berries. Four Oil Berries can be put into a Cell to get an Oil Cell.
Bobsyeruncleranks. Because Bob is your Uncle. Drops Emeralds and Emerald Dust.
Withereed. Drops Coal. Real Coal, not that cheap Charcoal.
Blazereed. I think a Blaze Spawner is better than this.
Diareed. A Direwolfs way to get Diremonds.
Eggplant. Seems that there is a Chicken somewhere in your Field.
Corium. This Leathery Plant lets you safe the Life of a Million innocent Cows, what practically ruins the Environment, due to the Methane output of these not so innocent Animals.
Corpseplant. Plants vs. Zombies went a bit wrong. Maybe this Zombie Plant wants to infiltrate your Garden.
Creeperweed. General Spaz experimented with Crops as well, to finally get rid of Etho. This Plant made it possible for him, to gather TNT without killing his good Friends.
Enderbloom. Seems the Ender Dragoon, made it finally into cross breeding, and this Ender Flower is what he got.
Meatrose. This is how to get Meat the beautiful Way, without needing to slaughter harmless Animals.
Milkwart. Use a Bucket to harvest this Plant.
Slimeplant. So it's a Tree, and it grows Slimeballs. A very bouncy Plant.
Spidernip. Cats looo ...wait, this isn't Catnip... , Spiders looooove this Plant. They just can't stop making their Webs in there.
Tearstalks. This Plant drops the probably rarest Item of all. Ghast Tears. These Tears are extremly rare, I guess even more rare than Nether Stars as they can't just be farmed, well, until now.

GregTech Energy Systems V3.04b
This Book explains Core Functionality of GregTech Machines. You might not understand it, but it can help you in some Cases.
As you know, GregTech Machines can run on 4 diffrent Energy Systems. Energy Units and Universal Electricity are natively compatible without Upgrades and are stored in the Electric Capacity. MJ and Steam need Upgrades and have seperate Capacities.
All those 3 Capacities store their Energy in Universal Energy Units. These Energy Units are basically the converted Version of MJ, Steam and UE into the EU-System. They are stored in 3 Diffrent Capacities (UE and EU share as they are both Electricity)
If a Machine now needs Energy, it first checks the Universal Capacity of the MJ-Units and tries to consume them. If that fails it checks the Capacity of Steam and tries to consume that. If they both failed, then it uses the Capacity for Electricity.
As Machines usually check, if they even have enough Energy, before starting to work, they always check the one capacity, which has the largest amount of Energy. That includes the Energy Meter Cover, so you measure the largest Potential of the Machine.
Almost every Cover Upgrade, Generator or similar Device produces Electricity. Electricity is the only Energy, which can be outputted by GregTech Machines. Everything else will be stuck inside the Machine until it gets consumed.
In case of Steam, the Machine will be able to output it, but only if it is inside the regular Tank (when I happen to add Steam based Solar for example). The internal Steam Energy Tank can't output Steam.

Microwave Oven Manual
Kitchen Industries
You just got a Microwave Oven and asked yourself 'why do I even need it?'. It's simple, the Microwave can cook for just 100 EU and at an insane speed. Not even a normal E-furnace can do it that fast and cheap!
This is the cheapest and fastest way to cook for you. That is why the Microwave Oven can be found in almost every Kitchen (see www.youwannabuyakitchen.ly).
Long time exposure to Microwaves can cause Cancer, but we doubt Steve lives long enough to die because of that.
Do not insert any Metals. It might result in an Explosion.
Do not dry Animals with it. It will result in a Hot Dog, no matter which Animal you put into it.
Do not insert inflammable Objects. The Oven will catch on Fire.
Do not insert Eggs. Just don't.

Обновил текст на самый новый.--Atributz 18:23, 31 мая 2013 (UTC)

По моей просьбе автор мода скинул тексты ^_^ --Kailo 23:06, 31 мая 2013 (UTC) Файл:Book Text.txt

Мне они уже не понадобятся ^_^.--Atributz 02:57, 1 июня 2013 (UTC)

Местонахождение книг[править код]

Книги можно найти в крепости, а именно в библиотеке

Cover up![править код]

Как правильно перевести "Cover"? Я написал Грегу и он мне дал описание это предмета в других словах. "A Cover is a Plate (Coating / Hull), which you can place on the Side of a Machine." Кто-то перевел в статье GregTech это как "Покрытия". Хочу услышать все варианты и выбрать наиболее правильный. --Kailo 10:48, 6 июля 2013 (UTC)

cover - ~покрытия для машин. Делается пластина тонкая, которая цепляется на какую-то сторону машины, меняет свойства этой стороны машины. От простой смены цвета до изменения функционала машины или её поверхности, например можно сделать сторону верстаком или приёмником жидкостей... обшивка тут не совсем подходит, каркас и корпус - совсем другой природы--Denai 01:08, 21 июля 2013 (UTC)

Доперевёл книгу кроме одного момента, в книге говорится что можно скрутить внешний корпус механизма, но в игре я так и не смог это осуществить, может кто знает как это делать? --Kailo 10:50, 21 июля 2013 (UTC)

Берешь любой механизм GregTech, например автоматический дробитель, и скручиваешь отвёрткой покрытие и как видно саму пластину покрытия вы не получаете. Функциональность выражается в том, что к стороне со скрученным покрытием нельзя присоединить провод и оно не проводит сигналы красной пыли. Если использовать отвертку 2 раз, то сторона станет красной и теперь к ней можно будет присоединять провод, но она тоже не будет проводить сигналы красной пыли. Определить наличие сигнала красной пыли в механизме можно только используя покрытия выводящие его "наружу", например то которое делается из алюминиевой пластины и красного камня (ещё его надо отверткой настроить), а с помощью красного факела это не определить. И с помощью монтировки можно восстановить скрученное покрытие. --Atributz 12:00, 28 июля 2013 (UTC)

Названия растений[править код]

Мне вот как-то 2 названия растений не совсем нравятся, "каппен" и "тайн", ну это что вообще? Англичане-то просто 2 слова совместили, и для них названия нормальные, а нам нет. Тут есть 2 варианта, либо просто написать слова из который они прозведены, т.е. медный хлопок и оловянная сосна, либо самим совместить слова, этот тайн вполне красиво можно перевести как "олона", олово и сосна, ну над "каппеном" нужно подумать, но даже какой-нибудь "хлоподь" и то лучше звучит. Notyr 07:02, 28 июля 2013 (UTC)

В файле локализации для мода они называются "медный хлопок" и "олона". Можно так назвать. --Atributz 11:40, 28 июля 2013 (UTC)
Так я там и переводил... Notyr 13:50, 28 июля 2013 (UTC)
Действительно... Предлагаю обсуждать названия в обсуждении файла GregTech.zip. Я уже добавил замечания про кремень и кремний. --Atributz 16:09, 9 августа 2013 (UTC)

Переименование статьи[править код]

Считаю статью законченный и прошу переименовать в GregTech/Книги.

Алмазный тростник и вольный перевод[править код]

Что за "Игрок коварен напоказ, без проблем добыл алмаз"??? Название команды игроков под таким ужасным копирайтом, что его даже на русской вики записать нельзя??? Вообще, отвратительный точный перевод всегда лучше, чем отличный вольный. Да и смотрится эта ммм...фраза на фоне адекватных переводов остальных описаний растений, мягко говоря, странно.

Вы так хотите? "Путь Ужасного волка получить Ужасо-алмазы."--Atributz (обсуждение) 13:55, 28 декабря 2013 (UTC)
Здесь имеется ввиду не волк как животное, а команда "Dire Wolves". Но и ваш перевод подойдет с соответствующей правкой.
Какой еще "Путь Ужасного волка получить Ужасо-алмазы"? Гораздо лучше вольный перевод, на мой взгляд Смайлик (обычный).gif --Xottab DUTY (обсуждение) 16:05, 28 декабря 2013 (UTC)
Я вообще не понимаю что там имеется ввиду. Скорее имеется в виду какое-то событие с какими то игроками, но если не знать смысл, то правильно не перевести. Да и непонятно как-то. Мне показалось что это вроде как коварный метод получить алмазы без особого труда. Как-то так и перевел сначала. Если можете лучше передать смысл, то правьте сами. У меня на большее мозгов не хватает.--Atributz (обсуждение) 20:38, 28 декабря 2013 (UTC)
Просто проходил мимо и решил оставить это здесь: в оригинале почти гарантированно имелся ввиду Direwolf20 — ОЧЕНЬ известный (англоязычный) обозреватель майнкрафта и модов, а также автор довольно популярного модпака (его же имени). Как это поможет русскому переводу фразы? Честно говоря понятия не имею. Можно попробовать обыграть то, что с такими модами искать алмазы под землёй это прошлый век Смайлик (обычный).gif --Anonymous@ 10:22, 18 января 2014 (UTC)