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Java Edition


Предварительная сборка

Дата выпуска

9 февраля 2018 г.

Предварительная сборка



Клиент (.json)

Версия протокола

Версия данных

18w06a[1] — это семнадцатая предварительная сборка, выпущенная для 1.13, which mostly added two new air variants, added new biomes for the End, re-added /enchant, added a furnace recipe book, and removed the Customized world type, as well as the rewrite of the world generation system as a result.

Additions[править | править код]

Blocks[править | править код]


Added minecraft:cave_air and minecraft:void_air.

    • Both have the exact same properties as regular air.
    • minecraft:cave_air generates in caves.
    • minecraft:void_air is used internally for blocks above (>= 256) and below (< 0) the world, and in unloaded chunks.

World generation[править | править код]

  • Added minecraft:sky_island_low (The End - Floating Islands), minecraft:sky_island_medium (The End - Medium island), minecraft:sky_island_high (The End - High island), and minecraft:sky_island_barren (The End - Barren island).

Command format[править | править код]

  • Re-added the command into the game.
Entity selectors
  • Added command suggestions for entity selectors.

General[править | править код]

Recipe book
  • Added a recipe book for the furnace.
    • Furnace recipes have been moved to JSON files.
      • They use "type": "smelting".
      • cookingtime is used to determine the time it should take to smelt an item in the furnace.
      • experience is used to determine the amount of experience a player should get when picking the resulting item out of the furnace manually.
      • Fuel is not included and is still hardcoded.
  • "Unlocked recipe" toasts now show an icon in the top left to specify whether the unlocked recipe is a crafting or smelting recipe.
  • Added new vanilla block tags:
    • minecraft:banners, minecraft:wooden_pressure_plates, minecraft:wooden_slabs, and minecraft:wooden_stairs.
  • Added new vanilla items tags:
    • minecraft:banners, minecraft:boats, minecraft:wooden_pressure_plates, minecraft:wooden_slabs, and minecraft:wooden_stairs.

Changes[править | править код]

World generation[править | править код]

  • Rewrote the world generation system.
Customized world type
  • Removed from the game.
    • Will be re-added in the future.[1]

Command format[править | править код]

  • Whitespaces are now allowed in entity selectors & blockstate arguments.
  • Now accepts different structure names for all structures previously grouped under Temple.
    • Desert_Pyramid, Igloo, Jungle_Pyramid, and Swamp_Hut.

Fixes[править | править код]


Video[править | править код]

Video made by slicedlime: Шаблон:Yt

Trivia[править | править код]

  • Unlike most of the first-of-the-week snapshots, this was released on a Friday instead of Wednesday.

References[править | править код]


Шаблон:Java Edition versions

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