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Это моя статья для dfo. Нужно будет мне ее перевести. И привести в формат нормальный.

Ваш дом завален алмазными блоками? Нечем удивить гостей вашего города? Это гайд для создания кабинного лифта поможет вам! [IMG]http://s19.postimage.org/5cmbfwkzl/coll.png[/IMG] ВАЖНО: Лифт способен двигаться только на три блока. Однако примечательным в этом лифте является то, что игрок движеться внутри лифтовой кабины.

Лифт состоит из двух частей: пользовательской ( сама кабина и лифтовая шахта ) и системной ( поршни, редстоун и прочее ).


Пользовательская часть:

Системная часть:

So, how does it look?

The player sees this: [IMG]http://s19.postimage.org/ygajc5935/2012_04_05_20_20_37.png[/IMG]

Notice two buttons: to call the elevator and to ride it. In fact they do the same thing and power the same redstone chain.

Elevator down:[IMG]http://s19.postimage.org/uu04lrdc1/2012_04_05_19_30_41.png[/IMG]

And elevator up:[IMG]http://s19.postimage.org/ku585v22p/2012_04_05_19_29_18.png[/IMG]

Pay attention to stair in cabin celling.

So, how does it work?

Public part: Player enters the room, preses the button and waits for elevator ( about 2 sec ), then he goes in and preses button in elevator to go up ( about 2 sec too ), and finally leaves the elevator.

System part: Redstone powers gold rails and moves the minecart. Minecart rides over detector rail and powers pistons, which moves the cabin.

Now we just need to look at different parts to understand how to make them:

Minecart RS trigger: Horisontal redstone is input ( from ONE button ), vertical are outputs ( to different piston systems ) [IMG]http://s19.postimage.org/op8m8fl8h/2012_04_05_19_25_0.png[/IMG]

So you just connect BOTH inputs with ALL buttons and different outputs with DIFFERENT piston systems.

Piston system: [IMG]http://s19.postimage.org/wprianrk1/2012_04_05_20_21_46.png[/IMG] So there are 2 systems ( to move cabin up and down ), each have 3 levels of pistons, level, nearest to cabin waits 3 msec, next waits 2 msec and most distant waits only 1 msec.

So now you just can combine these elements and build you own elevator! Good luck. Comment and give suggestions to architecture. See you on server.

So you just connect BOTH inputs with ALL buttons and different outputs with DIFFERENT piston systems.