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Текстур-пак - это файл позволяющий менять текстуры блоков, предметов, мобов и других вещей. Обычно они представляют из себя ZIP файл с различными изображениями в формате PNG и файлом pack.txt. Стандартным разрешением для паков является 16x16. Паки с большими разрешениями называют ‘HD’ и требуют патчера. Официальная поддержка паков была добавлена в Alpha 1.2.2 is a file that is used to change the in-game textures of blocks, items, mobs and other things. They are usually zip files that have various PNG images in them and a pack.txt. The default resolution for packs is 16×16 (measured pixels in block height and width). Anything larger is called ‘HD’ and requires a patcher to run. Official support for texture packs was added in Alpha 1.2.2.

Стандартный пак против PainterlyPack (Painterly в центре)

Установка.[править | править код]

Чтобы установить текстур-пак, файл должен быть помещен в ZIP архив To install a texture pack, the file must first be obtained in a ZIP format. Without decompressing the file, place the ZIP file in:

  • Windows: %Appdata%\.minecraft\texturepacks
  • Linux: ~/.minecraft/texturepacks
  • Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/texturepacks

Эти пути можно открыть использованием кнопки Open Texture Pack Folder в игре.

Once a texture pack is installed, it can be selected in the Mods and Texture Packs screen accessible from the main menu (but not in-game). The texture pack list can be scrolled by dragging it up or down.

Создание текстур-пака[править | править код]

To create a custom pack, the files you wish to modify must be extracted from minecraft.jar with an archiving or decompression program such as WinRAR. They can then be edited with any image editing program that can read/write the PNG file format and handle transparency. A good starter choice is the free Paint.net. Edit each PNG file as desired, using the alpha layer to trim away transparent parts. Save the PNGs as 32 bits, to preserve this transparency layer. When the images are zipped back into archive, names and folder structure must be maintained (with WinRAR, just drag and drop into the right places). For a complete list of files, go to this thread.

All the blocks in terrain.png with their names.

Список модифицируемых файлов[править | править код]

Файл Описание
terrain.png Все блоки
particles.png Все частицы
pack.png Превью пака
pack.txt Описание пака
title\ Заставка
environment\ Снег, дождь и облака
font\ Внутри игровой шрифт
terrain\ Солнце и Луна
item\ Внутри-игровые модели для таких предметов как знаки, тележки, лодки, стрелы и двери
gui\ GUI, миниатюры предметов, лого и фон меню
art\ Все картины в игре
mob\ Все мобы в игре
armor\ Вся Броня в игре
misc\ Биомная трава/листва, блюр от Тыквы и циферблат Часов

Список Текстур-паков[править | править код]

Родное разрешение (16px)[править | править код]

Название Описание Версия Ссылка Последняя совместимая версия Размер
Legolord331's Redwood Texture Pack a pack that makes the armor look more like armor of that type, glass usable, resources easier, and a few minor tweaks to the doors, workbench, Chests, and furnaces. V1.3 Beta Forum & Download 1.14.4 606 KB
Bitcraft UFE Low quality, low resolution, VNC compatible textures for VNC and nostalgic players. Some users report minor framerate increases due to the decreased video memory requirements 1.3_01 Forum thread 1.14.4 73 KB
The Voxel Box Offical - Creative Texture Pack The VoxelBox's Creative texture pack is a complete Minecraft makeover full of extra blocks and containing several re-purposed blocks, most notably the ore textures. This gives creative builders access to new and different materials! An exciting collection of new and practical items for tools, and role play are included to replace the defaults. DataValue Chart 23.3.2011a [1] 1.14.4 1.36MB
LAR Games Texture Pack “The LAR Games texture pack is centered around improving the look of Minecraft without taking away from the overall experience. The entire texture pack is 100% original. This is not an edit of the vanilla Minecraft textures.” 0.6 Forum
Direct download
1.14.4 186.0kb
Painterly Pack “Painterly pack is a complete, native-resolution graphics package for Minecraft which attempts to improve the graphics of the game drastically, while still keeping the native texture resolution, and overall spirit and humor of the game, intact.” ‒ Official site. Also allows customization of Texture Pack to over 1000 different textures. Unknown Website 1.14.4 3.6 MB
Nath’s SuperSimple Pack “Nath’s SuperSimple Pack is substantially the simplest pack ever created. For those who still love to play Minecraft in a ‘Blocky’ and ‘2bit’ Texture.” V0.4b Forum 1.14.4 186.0kb
Eldpack “This is a 16x16 pack, and has full compatibility with minecraft, no patching required.” V3.4 Website 1.14.4 270.0 KB
Pixeludi “Pixeludi Pack for Minecraft Graphical Enhancement (or just Pixeludi Pack for short) is a texture pack that aims at improving the gaming experience by replacing the original look of the game with one that is smoother, more natural, deep and vivid, but doesn’t temper with the games setting.” 0.995 Website 1.14.4 337 KB
Frenden “Made by Frenden” 6.2c Forum 1.14.4 477 KB
JoliCraft “Minecraft is a game about crafting the world around you. What better way to craft the world than to craft the very stuff the world is made of?” This pack transforms the game into a fairy tale. 2.3 Forum 1.14.4 847 KB
Zelda Texture Pack “Legend of Zelda themed texture pack by Alyxandor.” 0.3 Fourm 1.14.4 1.34 MB
Kakariko Village Texture Pack “Legend of Zelda themed texture pack by NTuneR.” V1 Website 1.14.4 934kb
Minecraft Simple Coloured “A very simple homemade texture pack created by HAP3E” V4 Description 1.14.4 82.89 KB
JokeCraft “A texturepack which has a theme of humor inculding Skeletons wearing a Santa Suit! A texturepack made by YaYaBinksMinecraft.” v2.3 Forum 1.14.4 1.35 MB
Xaiwaker "A modification of Frenden's Cartoon Pack, this pack is based on the visual style of Animal Crossing and the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker." v1.7 Forum 1.14.4 1.9 MB
The Red Creeper Pack “A Painterly based compilation of painterly, Sinecraft, the default textures and brand new ones, designed to bring you your favourite mods and addons without losing your beloved texture pack. Compatible with a variety of mods, including Wildgrass and Icemod.” v1.5.4 Forum 1.14.4 1.11 MB

High Resolution (32px or more)[править | править код]

| title = These texture packs require a client mod. Therefore, they are not supported by Mojang, the Minecraft Wiki, the Minecraft IRC Channel or the Minecraft Forums. | bgcol = #FFCCCC | linecol = #FFAAAA

Name Description Version Link Latest Compatible Release Size Resolution
Mixcraft HD Semi-Realistic Texture Pack This is a high definition skin pack for minecraft that makes the game look much nicer 27 Forum 1.14.4 18.47 MB 32×32
GameDoku The official predecessor to Doku's original pack (discontinued), this pack boasts lush colour, total reskins and custom mod compatibility [1.3]6 Forum 1.14.4 610 KB 32×32
Brown & Bloom “Made by DVan” 1.2_02 Forum 1.14.4 342.59 KB 32x32
High Detailed Photo-Realistic Texture Pack This high detailed texture pack aims to push minecraft textures to the limit making the game not only look nice but as a high detailed version of the original textures of Minecraft. By KDStudios 1.03 Forum 1.14.4 22.54 MB MB 256×256
Misa’s 64×64 Realistic Made by Misa 1.8 Forum 1.14.4 18.47 MB 64×64
soartex Made by soar49 0.9.1 Forum 1.14.4 1.52 MB 64×64
AaGeOn’s BumpMaft “First of all let me say: I Love Minecraft and as a Digital Art designer it’s a game where the mind can be challenged. So I started thinking of creating my own 128×128 HD Texture Pack by creating pre-rendered textures using. Bump Mapping and Normal Mapping: Therefore: Bumpmaft.” 1.5.9 Forum 1.14.4 18.47 MB 128×128
Dusty Textures A 32×32 texture pack that, instead of going for realistic “high def.” images, uses a more simplistic style, reminiscent of SNES graphics 3.8.11 Forum 1.14.4 18.47 MB 32×32
Tronic Tronic is a texture pack for Minecraft that aims for a virtual or (elec)tronic feel. The biggest inspirations are probably the Metal Gear Solid VR Missions and every textureless test render ever made. 8 Website 1.14.4 180 kB 32×32
Albion Loosely based on the video game Albion (hence the name). This texture pack is not so much of a themed texture pack but more of an interesting and nice looking Hi-def alternative to other 16x16 texture packs. 2.18 Forum 1.14.4 9.43 MB 64×64

For a tutorial on installing high resolution texture packs go here In order to patch you will need xau's HD patcher which can be found here [2] For a more complete list of texture packs, see the Texture Pack Central on minecraftforum.net.

Trivia[править | править код]

  • Prior to the Alpha 1.2.2 update, users would need to manually change the texture packs by overwriting their minecraft.jar files. This is still required for HD texture packs.

Resources[править | править код]