TU20/CU8/PS 1.13 (консольные издания)

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Полный выпуск

Дата выпуска

23 января 2015 г.

Версия протокола

Версия данных

TU20/CU8/1.13 — это версия, вышедшая, чтобы исправить ошибки на всех платформах консольных изданий.


Исправления[править | править код]

  • Исправлены различные проблемы с красным камнем.
  • Исправлен вылет игры при поломке рамки с картой.
  • Исправлен вылет игры при попытке раздатчика поместить воду или лаву, будучи заблокированным.
  • Исправлен вылет игры при установке лодки на повреждающие поверхности.
  • Исправлен деспаун мобов с установленными сёдлами, сумками, поводками, бронёй и бирками.
  • Исправлен рецепт крафта каменнокирпичных ступеней.
  • Fix for issue where player is able to stay alive with zero hearts in their Healthbar.
  • Fixed an issue in the Host Options menu in Adventure mode causing options to be set wrongly.
  • Fix for issue where animals don’t stop running after being hit.
  • Fix for issue where destroying planted Pumpkin and Melon Seeds drops an incorrect number of seeds.
  • Librarian villagers now have a small probability of offering nametags for sale.
  • Added a rare probability of spawning Skeletons/Wither Skeletons in the nether.
  • Brought forward change so that Witches naturally spawn, rarely, anywhere that’s dark.
  • Fix for issue where Wither Skeletons stop spawning in the Nether when the difficulty is set to Easy from Peaceful.
  • Changed Minecart riding behaviour back so that the player turns with the Minecart.
  • If mob griefing is turned off, sheep shouldn’t change grass blocks when they eat them.
  • Fix for TNT cart exploding despite ‘TNT Explodes’ option being turned off.
  • Fix to Noteblock fall-off distance so they can be heard further away.
  • Fix for player legs not being rotated correctly when riding.
  • Fix for Wolf heal tooltip.
  • Fixed improper tooltip displayed when Player is holding a Lead and aiming at an aggressive mob.
  • Fix for Potion of Weakness effect description having incorrect values.
  • Fix for issue where Creepers hover off the floor.
  • Fixed issue where Name Tags do not appear to work correctly on the Wither, Iron Golem and Wither Skeleton.
  • Исправлены имена игроков, которые не были цветного шрифта.
  • City Texture Pack – Daylight sensor changed to look more like a solar panel.
  • Fix for issue where a horse wasn’t rendering while riding it.
  • Fixed Save Transfer issue (Xbox 360).
  • Fix for ‘Return to Sender’ achievement not unlocking after fulfilling its requirement (Xbox One).
  • Fix for ‘Local Brewery’ achievement not unlocking after fulfilling its requirement. (Xbox One).
  • Fix for performance issue when moving through large Jungle Biomes (Xbox One).
  • Fix for issue with Halloween Texture Pack textures (PS3).
  • Fix for performance issue when moving through large Jungle Biomes. (PS4).